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 WELA (Elisabeth Wierzbicka) painter, sculptor - offers services on a permanent facility or in situ, adapted to the specific sites, also indoor and outdoor lighting, sculptures, drawings, paintings.

The art complements the architecture of public buildings and official and is a component of urban spaces, private spaces.

The ability of the artist is to transform and transcend reality apparently common and banal, in a powerful and evocative potential for stimulating the imagination.

Artistic interventions are potentially many and varied, ranging across a wide spectrum, spectacular actions radically upsetting the scheduling of a place, barely perceptible interventions that are based or are confused with their immediate environment. Each context.

You can see examples of realization on his website. gives rise to a specific response.


" Wela - artiste visuel "



Price: 10,00 € ttc

+ price of mailing



text by Marie Deparis-Yafil,

 40 pages , color,

in French


The works of Wela: installations, drawings, paintings, sculptures are also for sale.

Please, contact Gallerys or Artist.


"Wela Installations"



Prix: 10,00 € ttc

+ pprice of mailing



Arts Itinérance Collection, texts by Ileana Cornea, Jean-Claude Lethiais, Albéric de Mongolfier, 30 pages, color, French/English


Postage and insurance cost to add


France: 18€


Rest of Europe: 28€


Rest of Worls: 40€


Contact for further information